Massage Tables

Operating a mobile business can often mean straining with heavy equipment as part of your day-to-day routine but with a portable massage table , you can transport comfort to your clients with ease. Our range of massage tables focus on convenience, comfort and style so you can operate your business and make a good impression without carrying excessive weight. Available in a range of simple but effective styles at different price points, you can choose the right table to not only suit your needs, but your budget too.

Our Affinity 8 Portable massage tables UK collection, for example, features an hourglass shape for proper support and comfort for all of our clients and easy access for you or your employees. Folding neatly into the perfect carry case, this lightweight table is just 13.5kg and can easily be transferred from home to home with little trouble.

If you can handle a little more weight, our Affinity Portable Flexible Massage Table is a prized part of our massage table UK collection. While this doesn’t feature the hourglass position, it is fully adjustable with a 75 degree lifting backrest to offer optimum support for your clients. There’s even breather holes on all of our massage tables so you can rest assured all areas are covered. The Affinity Portable Flexible Massage Tables also come with their very own carry bag so while the weight is a little higher at 16.5kg, it’s easy to carry.

If carrying your massage table isn’t something you’re keen on doing, you could opt for our Portable Massage Tables Trolley for quick and simple transport. Simply load it up and wheel it along for easy transport regardless of the weight.

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The Benefits Of Portable Massage Tables UK

The benefits of portable massages tables are pretty self explanatory. We believe that convenience is key for those opting for mobile therapy services, which is why we ensure all of our massage tables are easy to transport and low-maintenance. Crafted with high-quality, long-lasting materials, our massage tables UK collection is easy to clean and maintain. Simply wipe down the material with the relevant disinfectants after each use, and you’ll be ready and raring to go for your next customer.

A high quality massage table is ideal for mobile businesses, but also for static companies looking to expand further. Regardless of your intention for the products, the luxury padding and adjustable settings promote complete comfort and relaxation for your clients and customers, so you can provide a luxury experience for every client you visit. What’s more, with our portable massage tables UK trolley collection, moving your equipment from location to location is as simple as popping it on, and rolling it alongside you.

If you’re interested in our range of high-quality, long-lasting and low-maintenance massage tables UK, why not take a look at our full catalogue? Simply choose your desired portable massage table, and place your order with us, today.