Essential Plush Peel & Essential Mask Set

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To provide the skin all the attention it deserves, Matis has created a new treatment which can be done at home Essential Nutrition Treatment using ESSENTIAL PLUSH FACE PEELING & MASK

PEEL An unctuous cream to be applied on the entire face and neck to guarantee a soft and complete exfoliation. After a few minutes, the cream becomes dry transforming itself into ‘plush’ peeling balls under your fingertips. Apply on the entire face and neck. Leave it for a few minutes. Once the product has becoming dry, take it off with soft and gentle rotations. 

Once this step is finished, perfect the cleansing step with the Lotion. 

MASK A cocooning mask dedicated for a skin seeking well-being and nutrition. A wrapping product to protect the epidermis from winter conditions. A compact texture for a « gilted softness effect » to recover extreme comfort. Mix 20 g of powder with 20 mls of warm water. Apply on the entire face and neck avoiding eyes contour area. Do a massage for 5 minutes, and leave it on for 10 minutes. Remove the mask with water and perfect the cleansing step with the Lotion.