Eye Cleansing Gel

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A deliciously fresh and refreshing texture for gentle makeup removal. For anyone in search of a light and gentle make-up remover.

How it works:

Enriched with a blend of active decongestants and soothing agents (cornflower water, allantoin and provitamin B5) and a protective polysaccharide, its formula is tested ophthalmologically and respects the fragile eyelids and eyelashes. Perfume and colour-free, this gel melts into the eyelids to dissolve all traces of make-up and impurities.

The result: Freshness for gentle, soothing make-up removal. 100% The eyes feel fresh and rested. The fragile eye area is respected. Lashes seem stronger(86%). The eye area feels soothed (95%).

How to use:

As eye make-up is more resistant and the eye area is very sensitive, it is important to use a make-up remover specially formulated for this zone.Moreover, perfect make-up removal ensures better effectiveness of the skincare products applied afterwards.