Mino Beauty Couch

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  • Mino | Beauty Couches
  • Mino | Beauty Couches
  • Mino | Beauty Couches
  • Mino | Beauty Couches
  • Mino | Beauty Couches
  • 3 Year Beauty Bed Warranty
  • 2 Man Delivery | A Helping Hand

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Easy to Position & Quiet - the beauty couch is fully electric so you can get it ready for treatment quickly. Its also nice and quiet, to maintain salon serenity and customer happiness.

Comfortable - the material is soft and supportive to make sure your clients remain comfy and relaxed, even for longer treatments, please except our apologies for the increase in snoring. 

Quick Clean - all the various electrical thingamajigs have been covered up, so that you can quickly wipe down the base.

Hand Control - easy to use hand control system, with a nice long extendable cable in-case you need to grab something from across the room while positioning the client.

Breather Hole & Arms - Pull off the cushion and reveal a hidden face hole! If you want to get closer during treatment, pop off the removable arms.