Restructuring Stretch Mark Cream

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To prevent and correct stretch marks.

It offers a preventive and correcting action to stretch marks resulting from skin distortions (weight gain, hormonal variations …). This cream helps the skin to preserve and reinforce its suppleness and elasticity.

Content : 200 ml


- limits the breakdown of the fibers that makeup the extracellular matrix : inhibits the expression of the enzymes involved in the breakdown of the skin elastic collagen network.

- promotes the reorganization of the fibrillar network by increasing collagen and boosting fibrillin synthesis (molecule involved in the organization of the elastic network).

PEPTIDE COMPLEX : a combination of 3 peptides which helps to stimulate the reparation of the extracellular matrix (by relaunching the synthesis of collagen and elastin) as well as to limit the biochemical mechanisms lying behind the formation of stretch marks (inflammatory stage). Slows down the apparition of stretch marks.

INCA INCHI OIL : from Peru, this is the Omega 3 richest oil among all the natural known sources.