Slimming ToniSlim Cream

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Slims and tones.

ToniSlim is the slimming solution for flabby figures in search of slender toned curves which assure a slim, firm look.This care encourages fat elimination and limits its new accumulation. It reduces the volume of fat cells and stops their growth to guarantee a firming, slimming and remarkable sheathing effect. The silhouette regains its tonicity; the skin is smoother and firmer. 

Content : 200 ml

SLIMBOOSTER  3D : this complex contains two active ingredients :  the vegetal extract of Yerba Maté, a plant coming from from Brazil (ilex paraguariensis) and a glausine (synthetic origin). The first one, is rich in methylxanthins (caffeine and theobromine), the action of which stimulates fat elimination (lipolysis).Whereas the second one, has a multiple effect on various fat cells.

OAT POLYSACCHARIDES : these elastic and flexible molecules with very high molecular weight stick to the surface of the skin and create a lifting and a continuous film which smoothes and streamlines the skin.