Smoothing Cellulite Cream

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Dimpled areas? Orange-peel skin? Cellulite can happen to all women... even the slimmest.

The cocktail of active ingredients in Smoothing Cellulite Care targets fatty deposits and damage caused by fatty deposits to the cellular matrix.

At the heart of this orange-tinted gel formula are precious extracts with lipolytic, firming and restructuring properties: boosts the breakdown and elimination of fat, promotes drainage in cellulite areas. By inhibiting the enzymes responsible for the breakdown of fibre architecture, it also plays a repairing role in the extracellular matrix, boosts the production of collagen (essential for improving skin density).

The results:
By a dermatologist (1):
20% reduction in the visual appearance.

By instrumental measurements (2):
up to 38%* reduction in the thickness of adipose tissue.


96% its cosmetic qualities.
75% its smoothing efficacy on cellulite.